Bryan Nelson will work for you as County Commissioner, creating jobs, saving our springs and making our government efficient!
Bryan Nelson
Bryan Nelson has worked his entire career to assist our veterans, From helping establish a veterans court to developing programs for new jobs for seniors, Bryan Nelson is there for you!
Bryan and Vets
Bryan Nelson has the experience we need. He's served on Orange County planniing & Zoning and in the Florida Legislature. We need experience on our commission!
Bryan Nelson: Experience
Bryan Nelson has spent a lifetime in Orange County and will work to maintain our high quality of life. We need him as our Orange County Commissioner!
Florida Field
Bryan Nelson worked to protect homeowners from unfair and costly government regulations. Keep Bryan working to protect our homes on the Orange County Commission.
Septic Tanks
Bryan Nelson puts his family first and understands how the issues critical to the county affect our children and our grandchildren. Vote for Bryan for our families.
Bryan and Debbie


Help Elect Bryan Nelson

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Rep. Lee discussing Bryan Nelson

State Representative Larry Lee, D-Ft. Pierce, discusses Bryan Nelson and how Bryan helped him throughout his time in the Florida Legislature.